• Seven Mortal Sins

    Seven Mortal Sins

    The first two stories in a series...

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A big welcome to my Army Of Darkness! Most people think I have a dark mind. “That’s not true,” I tell them – I have a dark soul. It’s my mind that is twisted. I don’t have a sick mind, I just don’t think like other people do. Since you’re reading this, there is a distinct possibility that you agree. The stories that I create are dark in nature. I live in the shadows of the land between dark and light, write about the complex struggles of evil and good. Without light, there is no darkness, and without you I can't be me. So grab one of my books (screw that, grab all of them!), sit back, and let's play. Your demons are welcome in my hell. Turn up the heat and enjoy.
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Here's What Other People Think


D. Alexander

Short, sweet, twisted, and to the point. Can't wait for more! #MrRogerLives


P.S. Winn

Like a twilight zone episode, this short story will have readers smiling at the quirky twist and scratching their heads at what Melissa has done.


J. Barnett

A strong start to a promising series that will leave you wanting more.