• Seven Mortal Sins

    Seven Mortal Sins

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Twisted Tales

If you're reading this, then you have a suspicion that I just might have the ability to dominate the world of horror.

From the Darkness

Answers to the universe and world domination!

A Cerberus Slayer Short

Robert and Kenny pedaled their bikes through the woods, racing along at breakneck speed. The path they followed was well worn from years of friendly competitions between the young boys. The forest had grown with the boys and witnessed their years and kept their secrets. It had witnessed the time they smoked their first stolen

Guilt and Glory, Shame and Hope

Fans, this one is gonna go deep. It’s not a scary story or a twisted, dark tale. It’s about my sister, and my sense of loss and guilt where Brenda is concerned. I’m the only boy in a family of four children. I was born in the middle right before my little sister Tammy and

You Asked!

Many of you have been asking about my “stuff” – my sites and writing. Here is a comprehensive list of where you can find me, or sites I’m involved with. Happy Holidays, and good reading. Stefan Lear – my author site. It’s where you are now (DUH). There are links to my stories on Amazon.

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About Stefan Lear

Remember that movie with Russel Crowe in it? The one where he was a freakin lunatic, but at the same time a genious? He saw stuff that wasn't there  and talked to people that only he could see. He had whole scenarios play out in front of him, and only he was privileged to what was happening. Besides the auditory and visual hallucinations, that's me. Whole alternate worlds and stories play in my mind the whole day through. The difference between me and John Nash is that I don't take medications (even though I might need to). How does this help me, you might be wondering. I write down my twisted thoughts so the public at large can read and enjoy them. Though Nash did have a beautiful mind, it's not as enjoyable for you as is my particular form of twistedness.


What Readers In My Army of Darkness Are Saying.

If you aren't convinced yet, here is what some of my readers said.



"A strong start to a promising series that will leave you wanting more."


P.S. Winn

"The author did a great job with the feel of this story that tells a strange tale as readers follow Melissa as she makes a different type of deal than was expected. Like a twilight zone episode, this short story will have readers smiling at the quirky twist and scratching their heads at what Melissa has done."



"Short, sweet, twisted, and to the point. Can't wait for more! #MrRogersLives"

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